[HTTYD] Hiccup

An opening chat (or, about me).

Hi there! By chance you stumbled upon my journal (may it be through friending memes, common comms, or by chance, perhaps?), and I'm glad that you did. Regardless of how, here's hoping that we'd get along and form a friendship that pierces the heavens. Or something to that extent. (Kamina made the phrase awesome, so why not?)

So, about me, you say?

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nearly three years later, mic check?

...because the last entry I ever had on here was three years ago. and like hell do things change. they change a lot. they cahnge so much that when I look at old entries on here I wonder how was I such a different person back then.

quite honestly, I don't know why I only chose now to check back here. maybe it's for posterity's sake that I'm typing this down here? or something to prove that I haven't completely gone? well, nowadays i'm mostly on tumblr, and i've been keeping busy. since the last time I wrote anything on here, I got a job, completely lost myself in my art and writing, and man am I itching to get either of them out in a very tangible way. so I've been hovering over making comics or novels. that's not exactly a new idea per se, but the urge to do something like that is more enticing now than it ever was.

and that's just a nutshell of the many. MANY things that's happened to me. quite a lot of things stay the same. I still have a huge place in my heart for everything supernatural (werewolves, anyone?). I still get pretty wacky when it comes to any creative venture. I still binge on shows and music like no one's business.

I guess three years later hasn't changed much things, hasn't it? But yeah, hai thur.


2014: The List.

Call this a bit of a resolution list for 2014. I've listed books I'm going to finish, TV shows I'm going to watch, movies I'm going to see, and other stuff. So this will build up as the months pass, but for now, this is what I have planned for the year ahead.

2014: The List
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[DTMG]  Spencer

100 Characters Challenge! [Index Post]

So this is for future reference, an index post for the meme I will be doing. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do the posting (three/four characters in one week, something like that?), but I have made a list of a hundred characters as you'll see.

The stuff in parentheses indicate the characters' respective 'verses. And I tend to rearrange the order of the characters; I'm indecisive like that. Links to these entries/characters will be posted as the entries come. Watch this space!
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[Wreck-it Ralph] moar Ralph

For the want of a giant marshmallow of a robot...

Hiro and Baymax (small)
...guess which movie I'm so hyped up for.

So yeah, I would like a plush toy of both of these guys. Especially Baymax, the robot on the right. Can you imagine a pillow/beanbag of that size? But yeah, along with Boxtrolls (Laika's animated feature also coming out this year), do support this film when it comes out! I most definitely will :D
[Rise of the Guardians] Sandman

027. The starting point.

What's this? I'm actually still going to push through with this? Well, it's still there, and I did pledge to see this (and a thousand other things) through the end, so why not finish it? And I've just come back from a conference on design and art (that's for another entry entirely; there's just too much about it I could say that warrants its own entity) and I've got much to say about art and writing in general.
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[Recess] Gus writing

On the subject of a game that I still want to play...

Anyone catching up with news of Sims 4? So far what I'm hearing isn't quite good (no pools, toddlers, and adults, young adults, and teens are of equal height). Then again, I haven't even played the third game, so I'm a little curious as to how this is going to work out for those who played the third game.

But yeah, I think I might stick with the second game for now. Or if I'm inclined, I'll seek out the third game. I don't know. What do you guys think?
[Rise of the Guardians] Jack Frost

Getting back on the radar, attempt #5498085923852805082.

...And I promise I will not blip out of it. Again.

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Speaking of art, I may as well post this here because it's finished! And I've done this sort of thing before; it's just something to keep track of myself as years pass.
Basically I redrew another one of my older pieces again. Kind of makes it obvious that I had no new ideas at the time, but this sort of thing's fun to do, anyways.

Safe to say the job at the studio coloring backgrounds really helped me, and that's something I'm really thankful for. Regardless of whatever project comes our way, I don't mind as long as I'm pressing onwards with my craft. So yeah, here's to 2015 and beyond!

(oh, and the bigger version of the newer piece is here; some small details might be lost in the picture above)
[Inazuma Eleven] Toramaru's :P Face

She's in the city now, eh?

Hey everyone! Yeah, it's me; I didn't disappear into another dimension somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. No, I actually would enjoy that, given that it's not a hostile dimension. But that's besides the point. Because I wanna show you guys what has been keeping me busy.
That's right, it's work-related, and it has to do with this. You will probably cast your stones at me right now, talking about Dora.  I don't know how many of you actually like watching it, but with this one? Well, I have a reason to watch it. See the studio I'm working in is currently helping out in the production stage of this show, so I got to see what the show's like and how it is.
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[Mother 3] Lucas

On something rather small (or not quite small?)

LJ got quite a scary facelift. I don't know how to feel about this.

(on a side note, I've been getting steady work from the studio and it feels so damn good but I'm hoping to still have a good balance between work and idle time. so yeah, that's life for me right now. so hey, how's everyone doing?
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