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27 June 2014 @ 10:50 am
On the subject of a game that I still want to play...  
Anyone catching up with news of Sims 4? So far what I'm hearing isn't quite good (no pools, toddlers, and adults, young adults, and teens are of equal height). Then again, I haven't even played the third game, so I'm a little curious as to how this is going to work out for those who played the third game.

But yeah, I think I might stick with the second game for now. Or if I'm inclined, I'll seek out the third game. I don't know. What do you guys think?
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aw jeez, rick: [DTMG]  Spencer13066301 on June 27th, 2014 02:59 am (UTC)
The stuff being announced on the link comes from a producer of the game, so more or less it could be official. I can understand why longtime players of the game would be miffed, though.
(I'd still stick with the third or second, though; that game does things to my schedule -___-)
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aw jeez, rick: [Courage] Frustrated blogger ;P13066301 on June 27th, 2014 12:27 pm (UTC)
And considering they've got plenty of time to change up a lot of stuff, most of this news is really up in the air if it'll stick in the final version. I'll reserve judgment 'till the release, too.
Spiderbk03 on June 27th, 2014 11:36 am (UTC)
You also have to consider that this is the first version of the base game. Through updates and expansions, this all could be easily fixed and changed. Plus, it could all change before release too.

I doubt I'm going to get it though. My computer has been struggling with Sims 3, which I've hopefully corrected. But I'd rather buy more expansions for Sim3 when they dramatically drop in price after Sims 4 is released.
aw jeez, rick: [HTTYD] Toothless X313066301 on June 27th, 2014 12:30 pm (UTC)
Oh definitely, it could all be way different in the final product. I just don't like this idea that they might be hoarding all these missing features for more expansion packs that might cost up to what, forty dollars per pack? (I mean, I like my expansion packs, but the thought of them actually doing this is ridiculous) Or maybe DLC that'll probably be quite pricy--well, this is just me speculating and all.

I think I have a computer that at least will run the base game + a few expansions of the third game. Though with work and what not, I'd better hold out on actually installing it XD
Maybe Neilrustydragonfly on June 29th, 2014 07:30 pm (UTC)
I haven't really been following much of 4. I don't think my computer would handle it well, and I'm still making my way through 3. And hoping the packs will drop in price once 4 is out, as a bonus.

3 was weird for me, because I liked it a lot more than I expected to. I was really unhappy with the aging and story progression because it's got its uses, but not when you're like me and like to play lots of different character families. I don't want to look away and find they've moved out or had kids or married someone they hate, funny as it may be. But once you install mods to fix that, and the weird faces too, it's a fun game. I love the open neighbourhood... oh and World Adventures, even if the fandom hates it, is awesome. I love the dungeon crawls, even if everyone else doesn't.

Honestly my biggest gripe right now is that I want the EP with werewolves because they look like fun to play and I kind of want to turn Jen into one for a laugh... but I really dislike how they look.